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Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations

For years, we’ve conducted anti-counterfeiting investigations targeting thousands of product counterfeiters. We’ve participated in the execution of orders for seizure and impoundment of tons of counterfeit goods worth millions of shillings. Put simply, we can help you develop and execute a plan of action to stop the distribution of infringing goods.

Our infringement monitoring and evidence acquisition services provide an effective, action-oriented solution to product brand abuses.

We’ve partnered with the local & international authorities to regularly conduct undercover buys and participate in the seizure and impoundment of counterfeit goods.

We support you from start to finish on your counterfeiting or piracy case. We will:

Identify Sources of Infringement

  • Identify sources of counterfeit or pirated goods, including the individuals or companies involved in distribution.
  • Create and implement online brand protection programs
  • Conduct anonymous evidentiary purchases that will be admissible as evidence.

Support Enforcement Action

  • Execute civil seizures to recover counterfeit merchandise in coordination with law enforcement organizations.
  • Comply with the letter of the law to withstand the scrutiny of anticipated legal action and testify as needed in court.

Design a Program for Prevention

  • Develop a program for anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting that helps you proactively respond to infringements in the marketplace now and in the future.
  • Setup a security infrastructure to assist you in the prevention of channel disruption, including the design, installation, and optimization of monitoring equipment.

Our Anti-counterfeiting services are tailored to meet the particular vulnerable situation that is in hand. For queries and questions please feel free to contact us.

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