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Illegal Imports Investigations

Illegal Imports Investigations

Importers of illegal good would sell anything that turns a profit, without regard to consumer safety and without regard for the law. They manufacture goods as cheaply as possible with the single goal of maximizing their return. The costs of illegal imports are shared by all of us – consumers, manufacturers, retailers, communities and entire economies.

When conducting illegal imports investigations our strategies usually involve the following:

  • Identifying the supply chain from the end seller to the source, to gather evidence to expose the importers to legal or other remedies.
  • Trap purchases to obtain samples together with offers to supply to use as evidence.
  • Use of various front companies to make covert trade approaches.
  • Conducting and designing market surveys to highlight specific problems in the market place.
  • We commission forensic analysis of products and packaging to assist with investigations.
  • Provision of evidence for seizure and destruction orders of infringing products.

In today’s economy, consumers believe that illegal imports is a harmless crime. They feel no regret when they pay for illegal goods / items. The consumer believes that, it’s just another remarkable deal.

Protection Masters has assisted many alot of corporate companies  and business in enforcing their rights in both civil and criminal cases, and have earned our reputation as a leader in the field of Illegal Imports detection  & investigations.

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